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Terms & Conditions

Regarding the claims of the digital products sold on this website

All the digital products sold on this website are copyrighted by the True Blue Music team, FlowerCat Creative L.L.C. (Wyoming, U.S.A).

Restrictions on resale and reproduction

Merchandise may not be copied for use by others or resold for use, but some merchandise, such as music project files, can be posted on any website after being modified.

Content ID processing principles

If your modified project file has not passed Google’s Content ID review, and the video has received a copyright claim, you can file an appeal with us. Still, we will judge that the work is original to a certain extent depending on the situation.

If it is too similar to the file we sell, we reserve the right not to cancel the copyright claim.

Refund principle

All products have a 14-day money-back guarantee, but You can refund only the most recent transaction. So, for example, if you purchase two transactions in succession, we determine that you are no longer eligible for the first transaction refund.

Based on the principle of moral conscience, please delete the goods as soon as possible after the refund and not copy them to others.