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Our Story

True Blue Music Online Store

With the Creator Paradise online teaching website, True Blue Music has become a music-based independent digital store selling related products.

It includes project files for learning and modification (Reason and Bitwig Studio project files), as well as a small MIDI Files Package after finishing, and even sales of one-on-one consultation services.

Provision of learning resources

Music learning has always lacked integrated resources. Except for talented artists who can piece together information on the Internet, very few websites integrate all the help.

For beginners or people with no basic knowledge, they can hardly find the resource on the Internet. They can find websites that sell expensive musical instruments and websites that sell a large number of integrated MIDI files, but beginners don’t know what they want. What, in the end, it was just a waste of money.

Philosophy of the establishment of True Blue Music

Music is not as difficult as imagined. Although it takes talent and diligence to become an expert, becoming an amateur creator is not as difficult as climbing the sky.

The difficulty lies in the inconsistency of information and fragmented information, so many beginners can’t find any clues to link these data together, not to mention the efficient use of money in the right place.

Because they are afraid of spending money in the wrong place, these people are so scared to spend money and start trying.

This reason is why we set up this website to promote music to beginners or people with zero knowledge.